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Due to changes in schedule, the third episode of xTech will be delayed to next week.

Secure Your Stuff! | Part 3

There are so many options out there for securing all your devices and accounts. In the previous 2 parts of this series we covered all of these methods, and now we will finish off this series with some handy tips… Continue Reading →

Why Google Clips is Google’s coolest new product

Google announced a variety of products during it’s latest keynote presentation on October the 5th. It ranged from a new flagship phone, flagship Chromebook, both cheaper and pricier versions of Google Homes and more. What was most interesting during the… Continue Reading →

Secure Your Stuff! | Part 2

There are so many options out there for securing your devices and accounts. In this article I will be covering passwords. If you are interested in the other ways you can secure your device click HERE for part 1. Passwords… Continue Reading →

Solid State Drives | xTech | Part 2

Welcome to the new series xTech (explaining tech). In this series, we will dive into how technology works and you can catch this series every Wednesday. In this week’s episode of xTech, we will be talking about Solid State Drives…. Continue Reading →

Cheap, Refurbished or Expensive Phones? Which one is for you?

In 2017, there is not much that could go wrong when buying a phone. You could fork out less money for a phone if you go the cheap route. You will have a decent experience. Expensive phones will give you… Continue Reading →

Xcorp: fleets of the future concept game.

Hello and welcome to the concept post I will be doing every Thursday. If you love a good concept or idea and try to expand on it, this will definitely entertain you. Just to clarify I do not want anything… Continue Reading →

How Hard Drives Work? | xTech | Part 1

Welcome to the new series xTech (explaining tech). In this series, we will dive into how technology works and you can catch this series every Wednesday. In this week’s episode of xTech, we will be talking about hard drives. The… Continue Reading →

How-to: Fix a bent CPU socket pin

Lets just get this straight, this is not an ultimate guide, but rather a small How-to put together based on my own experiences. You might also be wondering “Why would I need to know this?” Well, I use these tips… Continue Reading →

How I Tried to Repaired an iPad Mini 2 (but failed)

Update: after user feedback, the title has been changed to better reflect the characteristics of this article. IMPORTANT: Please read the caution and full article before attempting this. Caution: I do not recommend attempting this without prior experience and proper… Continue Reading →

How-to: Improve iOS Performance and Battery Life

Video (For those who don’t like to read) Text (For those who want to read) If you are running iOS on an older device or want to improve your devices battery life, then reducing the amount of animations and eye… Continue Reading →

Secure Your Stuff! | Part 1

There are so many options out there for securing your devices and accounts. On Android you can set a PIN, a fingerprint, a face, a standard password or a pattern. On iOS you can set a PIN, a fingerprint, a… Continue Reading →

My Journey on Learning Android App Development – Part 2

Last week, I published Part 1 of the series talking about my previous attempts at Android app development. This week I’m going to tell how I’m going so far on this journey at learning Android app development, again. From the… Continue Reading →

Web Frameworks 101: Whats New in Bootstrap Version 4.

Bootstrap. One of the most popular web design frameworks in the world. Designed by Twitter, used by many. Many say it is bloated. Many say it’s flexible. Many say it looks outdated. Many depend on it for their careers (slight… Continue Reading →

Is iOS 6 still viable in 2017?

iOS 6 was one of Apple’s major flops. The release of an unfinished Apple Maps prompted an apology letter from Apple CEO Tim Cook and caused the departure of Scott Forstall, an Apple executive. The release of iOS 6 also… Continue Reading →

A review of iOS 11 on the oldest device it supports.

iOS 11 is the biggest visual update to iOS since the introduction to flat design in iOS 7. However, it also foregoes support of significant devices. With the release of iOS 11, Apple officially dropped support for older 32 bit… Continue Reading →

How-to: Format a drive

Have you ever had troubles with a drive (a USB, CD, DVD, SSD, SD card or Hard drive) bring up errors on the OS (operating system) you are using? This is likely due to the drive format not being compatible… Continue Reading →

Web Frameworks 101: Bootstrap Version 4 Now in Beta!

If you have been paying attention to Web development frameworks in recent years, you would’ve heard of Bootstrap. Being one of the most popular frameworks for web developers created by Twitter, version 3 could definitely have used a little modernisation… Continue Reading →

CCleaner Hacked! What you need to know!

Popular junk clean-up software CCleaner has been compromised (or hacked). Security researchers state that a backdoor has been planted on the application that allows hackers to target users for different harmful purposes. This may include targeting users to use the… Continue Reading →

Seriously Apple? I need a SIM to activate my iPhone?!

While neither Daniel nor myself are Apple fanboys, but we both have at least 1 iPhone sitting around somewhere in our offices. Yesterday, I decided that mine, an iPhone 3Gs, needed a much overdue factory reset. So, with nothing to… Continue Reading →

Why leaks are both good and bad for a product

From the recent rumours of the next Samsung Note 9 or the numerous revealing leaks of the Google Pixel 2, truth is, there are hundreds or maybe even thousands of leaks for every product as long as it is famous…. Continue Reading →

New Member, Podcast and Name!

Dear fellow viewers, I am proud to announce that we have a new member joining us on the blog. He is a close friend of mine and hopefully will become yours too. You will be seeing him post more articles… Continue Reading →

You can still update to Windows 10 for free!

Are you still using windows 7, 7 pro, 8, or 8 pro because you missed out on the free update stage and can’t justify paying for windows 10? Recently I was. And I have found a solution! You know the… Continue Reading →

My Journey On Learning Android App Development – Part 1

First Contact Today (20th of September 2017), is the day I finally decided to learn Android development. It wasn’t the first time I tried it. The first was actually a year or so before. If you need a little refresher,… Continue Reading →

Best Look for the Blog?

Hello and welcome back, my fellow readers. This is a matter of utmost importance that I must bring to your attention. If you have not already noticed, the site has from the beginning employed the default theme of WordPress –… Continue Reading →

Welcome to my blog full of mistakse!

Hello my fellow readers. Thank you for discovering my blog. You are my first readers!!! This blog will be all about my mishaps and mistakes I made during my development journey. That’s all. The direction of this blog is vague,… Continue Reading →

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